9th Meeting of the CoU on Secure, Safe and Resilient societies

The TOXI-triage project was presented to the Community of Users on Safe, Secure and Resilient societies. This is the second time that project is introduced to the CoU members, the first one was at the 5th meeting in October 2016.

In that occasion a general overview of the project objectives and activities was advanced. In this 9th meeting the project presentation focused on:

  1. the results of the TOXI-triage End Users survey to examine civilian preparedness for a CBRN event and to determine how it can be strengthened and whether effective and diagnostically sound medical care can be given to the casualties in a CBRN incident, and
  2. in-silico FTX for hypothesis generation/CONOPS testing,
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 00:00