20th anniversary of the CWC at VERIFIN

Paul Thomas presented ‘Triage by Breath Analysis’ a joint paper with LU and UEDIN at the International Workshop on Analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents to mark the 20th Anniversary of the CWC in Helsinki.

VERIFIN is holding this international workshop that will introduce the New Blue Book 2017 that outlines the Recommended Operating Procedures for the Chemical Weapons Convention-related analysis in collaboration with expert laboratories working in the field.

The following topics are covered in the workshop:

  • The New Blue Book 2017
  • New developments in analysis of environmental and material samples
  • Biomedical sample analysis
  • Toxin analysis
  • Analysis of Central Nervous System Acting chemicals
  • The OPCW Proficiency Tests
  • On-site detection, sampling and analysis including forensics-mobile labs
Monday, December 11, 2017 - 00:00