D4.5 On-site environmental survey analytics

In Toxi-triage, a set of technologies has been developed or advanced in support of evidence collection and measurement validation for threat assessment of people contaminated by CBRN agents as they are taken to the casualty collection point, through decontamination and hence to the casualty clearing station. The needs of end-users, who may be contaminated as well, are also adressed.

D4.5 On-site environmental survey analytics includes the following technologies:

  • An Sprayed Liquid-Gas Extractor for detection and determination of chemical targets. A gaseous-phase sampling method for semi-volatile compounds with enrichment factors of up to 10,000 in less than 10 min using 2.5 mL organic solvents

  • A Personal Gas Detector Array (GDA-P) for detecting chemical threats. A small, hand held chemical detector which permits first responders knowledge of the presence, location, and amounts of toxic vapours and gases while at the scene of a CBRN incident or amounts on a casualty of the incident

  • A Gas Detector Array (GDA-X) including Ion Mobility Spectrometry for the detection of hazardous gases in air and on sufaces. It is a hand-held instrument providing first responders a capability to survey a site with a high level of confidence of detecting chemical agents or toxic substances.

  • A Trace Atmosphere Generator This is a reliable, robust device that can be used for calibrating in the field atmospheric and vacuum-based chemical detectors at ultra low concentrations of analytes.