D3.1 Prototype sampling system for reproducible non-invasive clinical sampling

This set of standard operating procedures (SOP) is a living document describing the preparation and operation of breath, skin and saliva volatile organic compound (VOC) samplers for Work Package 3 of the H2020 project: TOXI-triage. It has been prepared as an aide memoire to be used to support training and testing for taking in-vivo VOC samples from breath, skin and saliva. It is part of the TOXI-triage project’s quality assurance doctrine. The research field of in-vivo VOC sampling has been impeded by a lack of reproducibility with instances of false discovery arising from sampling and measurement artefacts. Further the efficient prosecution of the analysis of the clinical samples requires care at all times to prevent the mass spectrometric systems becoming overloaded with extraneous contamination. These SOPS are intended to mitigate these risks. Modification of these SOPS risks, at best, invalidating the analysis concerned and, at worst, compromising the whole study.

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