D6.2 Field trial specifications and detailed sequences of activity

D6.3 Field trial DISPERSE

D6.4 Field trial FOCUS

D6.5 Report on Field Trials

D7.2 Business plans and commercialisation outcomes

D7.3 Data and publication repository

D7.4 Promotional campaign trade exhibitions with press and media events

D7.5 Multi-use capability for crises management technology, creating and sustaining the economic drivers needed to embed CBRN resilience, Market survey report

D7.6 Revision of business plans and commercialisation outcomes

D7.7 Standardisation and Harmonisation for detection systems on the semantic web

D7.8 Translation and coordination of ongoing activity

D8.1 Privacy and Security System

D8.2 Protocols privacy and security

D8.3 Guidelines for the care and triage of vulnerable groups in crises-management operations

D8.4 Cross-cultural and social factors in planning for crises management

D8.5 Messages for Clear and compelling communication during crises management