D1.1 CONOPS for critical segments for FOCUS and DISPERSE

D1.2 Proceedings of operational specifications (CONOPS) workshop

D1.3 Release of functional specifications for Field Exercises

D2.1 Manual on CBRN sampling protocols

D2.2 Guidelines and manual for verifying compliance with minimum acceptable performance of triage detectors

D2.3 Triage verification facility

D2.4 Proceedings of meeting on Verification of C-detection methods and procedures

D2.5 Identification of bacterial strains with multiplexed Aptamer sensing. Report assessing the potential of B detection based on aptamer-based methods and techniques

D2.6 Guidelines for R-/N- survey/sampling protocols to identify hotspots, migration from matrices and assessment of chemical transformations

D2.7 A verified operational guidance tool for end users

D3.1 Prototype sampling system for reproducible non-invasive clinical sampling

D3.2 Prototype diagnostic system for toxicity injury and exposure

D3.3 Database of biomarkers of exposure to chemical, radiological and nuclear hazards

D3.4 Report on the Clinical trials

D4.1 Stand-off detection payloads IMS for drone platforms

D4.2 Stand-off detection payload R/N for drone platforms

D4.3 Stand-off detection payload hyper spectral imaging for drone platforms

D4.4 Point-of-care triage analytics

D4.5 On-site environmental survey analytics

D4.6 Laboratory system for B-detection with multiplexed aptamer sensors

D5.1 Data standards and technical system connectivity design, compliant with STACATTO Security Taxonomy

D5.3 Casualty tracing system implementation

D5.4 Social media data for crises management operations implementation

D5.5 TOXI-triage System Integration

D6.1 Functional specifications for Field Exercises (FTX)