TOXI-triage - DISPERSE exercise

The second TOXI-triage field exercise, DISPERSE, took place on 22nd May in Mikkeli, Finland.

DISPERSE scenario simulated a chemical incident in a town centre. A van parked at the Market Square starts to release a dense plume of vapour that blows across the ground and through the stalls and cafe seating located around the square.
Some people in the square are immediately overcome by the vapour and many others complain of irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Others start to report chest pain and breathing difficulties. This was the starting point of the exercise.
Three critical segments were considered where TOXI‐triage concepts and technologies are envisaged to enhance response capabilities:

  • Establishing situational awareness following chemical incident and establishing control of the cordoned zone
  • Mass casualty triage, decontamination and treatment
  • Support and management of asymptomatic and self‐referred casualties

In addition to TOXI-triage partners, military, Mikkeli Fire, Police and Ambulance units, Mikkeli Central Hospital and the XAMK (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences) participated in the exercise. Several medi/ula companies showed the exercise to the world such as REUTERS or Yle (Finland's national public TV company).

In this large-scale simulated CBRN incident TOXI‐triage's technology and operational proposals have been evaluated. Handheld and drone mounted chemical and radiological detectors, breath analysis technologies, tag and trace devices, hyperspectral detection systems and the social media connector collected a variety of types of data from the field and sent them all to the Integrator, enhancing incident commander situation awareness and supporting informed decision making.

Congratulations to the TOXI-triage team!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 00:00
Mikkeli, Finland