Systems Mapping for Technology Development in CBRN Response


The purpose of this paper is to develop an EU sociotechnical systems (STSs) map to represent a harmonised concept of operations (CONOPS) as a future development platform for technologies used in multi-services emergency responses to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) incidents.

AcciMaps were developed to locate where technologies are currently used, and opportunities for new technologies. The AcciMaps were iteratively co-designed with end users (fire, ambulance, police and military) across three EU countries (the UK, Finland and Greece). Data were collected using document analysis and interviews with senior ranking (Gold or Silver Command level) representatives of the participating end users.

International Journal of Emergency Services
February 2018

Graham Hancox, Sue Hignett, Spyros Kintzios, Hilary Pillin, Jyri Silmäri, Paul Thomas.