ISIMS 2018

The 27th International Conference on Ion Mobility Spectrometry (ISIMS) took place in Calgary, Canada, from 22nd July to 27th July.

This conference was organized by the International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry. The aim of this society and their annual conferences is to promote the use of IMS. Ion Mobility Spectrometry is the lead technology for chemical agent detection and it is widely used in TOXI-triage. Some of our partners are members of the IMS Society board of directors.

This year TOXI-Triage related work was presented doubly:

  • AIR gave a talk titled “Developments of new sampling tools and improvements in the detection of TICs and CWA during the TOXI-Triage Project”. This presentation was jointly prepared by some project partners: AIR, UFZ and LUH.
  • LU presented “Lost in translation: mass casualty triage using ion mobility spectrometry”.
    Sunday, July 22, 2018 - 00:00
    Calgary, Canada