Information collection using process visualisation in the risk management concept for emergency response


Security-critical processes of emergency response are part of a complex system of people, organisation and technology. They are often characterised by their own dynamics, interconnectedness and information deficits. In addition, a wide variety of stakeholders, some from different organisations, work together, each specialising in a specific area. In order to capture this (process-) knowledge in risk management, information from the experts is necessary.

However, experts are difficult to access, often separated locally, cost-intensive and usually have little time (discussion-) capacity. A pictogram-based process visualisation was developed within the risk management concept. The method could be validated within a European project in an expert workshop. This was done using the example of a CBRN mass casualty incident. By using the methods presented, very good qualitative and quantitative results can be achieved from the perspectives of various organisations and their experts. The limited resource ”expert” is used optimally.

Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
pp. 593–606

Christoph Amelunxen, & Janina Isabella Sander