IABR 2019

The International Association of Breath Research (IABR) organised his annual international conference in Leicestershire. The conference is addressed to a multidisciplinary groups of attendees from academics, basic sciences, medicine, industrial companies and laboratories

During this year meeting scientific insights were discussed regarding:

  • Breath analysis in relation to disease diagnosis, health assessment and medical monitoring
  • Phenotyping patients via comprehensive breath analysis, metabolomics and profiling approaches
  • Endogenous formation of volatile metabolites via studying cellular and bacterial in vitro systems
  • Quality assurance and control relevant to every aspect of breath research from the initial study design, sampling and analysis to data processing and statistical interpretation
  • Latest developments in mass-spectrometry-based instrumentations as well as sensor technologies and their applications
Sunday, September 8, 2019 - 00:00
Leicestershire, UK