D3.1 Prototype sampling system for reproducible non-invasive clinical sampling

This set of standard operating procedures (SOP) is a living document describing the preparation and operation of breath, skin and saliva volatile organic compound (VOC) samplers for Work Package 3 of the H2020 project: TOXI-triage. It has been prepared as an aide memoire to be used to support training and testing for taking in-vivo VOC samples from breath, skin and saliva. It is part of the TOXI-triage project’s quality assurance doctrine.

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D4.1 Stand-off detection payloads IMS for drone platforms

In Toxi-triage, three technologies were developed or advanced in support of high-speed identification of chemical agents during early phases of the incident and rescue. In each of these, insertion of the analyzer into Hot or Warm zones for on-site measurements is accomplished on drones, or the emerging term- remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).

D4.1 Stand-off detection payloads IMS for drone platforms includes the following technologies: