TOXI-triage PAB & EAB meeting (London)


After six months the governance of this project has been established and the planning and activities associated with the nine-work packages of the project are underway. This introductory briefing for TOXI-triage’s project advisory board and ethics advisory board has been arranged to:

  • provide our advisors with a complete overview of the project;
  • receive our advisors’ comments and feedback at a timely point in our planning;
  • introduce our advisors to one another and some of the project team.
  • D1.3 Release of functional specifications for Field Exercises

    It is important that FOCUS and DISPERSE FTXs are designed to enable the project's outputs to be tested in a
    systematic and traceable way against the CONOPS models and description of action. Indeed it is vital that all
    participants in the FTXs activity have a clear understanding of what is expected from the systems they are responsible
    and what their roles and responsibilities will be in the lead up and execution of the FTXs.

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    D4.3 Stand-off detection payload hyper spectral imaging for drone platforms

    A technical review will evaluate the minimum acceptable performance characteristics of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) drones for stand-off detection systems and scenarios A hyper-spectral detection payload will be optimised for drone-borne operations and tested and validated under simulated flight conditions (boom/vehicle/balloon mounted tests). Dummy payloads will be manufactured to test the flight characteristics of the preferred COTS drone units.

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