TOXI-triage PAB & EAB meeting (London)


After six months the governance of this project has been established and the planning and activities associated with the nine-work packages of the project are underway. This introductory briefing for TOXI-triage’s project advisory board and ethics advisory board has been arranged to:

  • provide our advisors with a complete overview of the project;
  • receive our advisors’ comments and feedback at a timely point in our planning;
  • introduce our advisors to one another and some of the project team.
  • D3.1 Prototype sampling system for reproducible non-invasive clinical sampling

    This set of standard operating procedures (SOP) is a living document describing the preparation and operation of breath, skin and saliva volatile organic compound (VOC) samplers for Work Package 3 of the H2020 project: TOXI-triage. It has been prepared as an aide memoire to be used to support training and testing for taking in-vivo VOC samples from breath, skin and saliva. It is part of the TOXI-triage project’s quality assurance doctrine.

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    D8.1 Privacy and Security System

    A set of guidelines and recommendations that will guide the development of the security mechanism for the TOXI-triage ICT system. Privacy of the individual will be designed in the systems to be achieved by default. An important aspect will be the treatment of sensitive health information Design for Authentication and Authorization protocol and recommendations for the use of Federation Identity and Single Sign On. Additionally, contextually aligned authentication protocols will be specified and where necessary enhanced security (for example multiple identification factors) will be used

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